NAOS Quantified Gaming

We created the NAOS Quantified Gaming to enable you to become a better gamer.

NAOS QG is the first mouse that provides deep insights into your gaming. Via built in sensors, the NAOS QG tracks your heart rate, galvanic skin response and actions per minute. This data appears as a transparent overlay on your screen.

Just like other sport athletes gather and analyze data, we want to do the same for gamers. Provide you with deep insights. Enable you to understand your reactions and optimize your gaming.

Sounds awesome, right? You have no idea yet.

Gamers using the NAOS QG can even share and compare their QG stats with teammates, friends and the community. This opens a new dimension to how games are played, shared and professionally broadcasted.

NAOS QG is just the first step towards an open Quantified Gaming platform. We are developing APIs so you can create your own Quantified Gaming experiences.

We welcome developers and hardware teams to join the Quantified Gaming community, where players can share applications and data to give gaming a long awaited new impulse. Stay tuned for the launch of QuantifiedGaming!

About MionixLabs

MionixLabs is a rough group of gamers, developers and designers inside MIONIX that develop new concepts and craft state-of-the-art gaming hardware.

When looking at the lack of true innovation in the gaming peripheral industry over the last years (Oculust Rift aside, we truly love you!) we simply went berserk over the idea to add a new aspect to gaming. Ok, also because we knew it will be fun for everybody involved: players, broadcasters, viewers and us gaming vikings.

The team

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